Saturday, April 26, 2008

First I want to say thanks for the recognition from

As everyone knows, the Wizards are up north to play Toronto FC today. Everyone has been making preditictions lately so I suppose should add mine...

Final score: TFC 1-1 KCW
Goals: Dichio and a late sub goal by Marinelli, or maybe not.
Cards: Yellows all around when Carlos kicks Dichio in response to being bit...
Best performance of the day: TFC fans

Hope for a win, not too upset if we tie with a much improved Toronto squad.

Here is another shot from practice the other day. Not releated to anything but I guess I could make some comment about keeping an eye on the ball...

Photo a day 4-25-08

Since I am trying to post at least a shot a day, I owe at least one photo for yesterday.

Here are a couple shots from the recent trip.

Reflections on the Wall

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A couple more notes from thursday...
Coach is not sweating in this picture from the hard questions.

He and Coach Kelderman took quite a few shots of their own. (I think Coach still wants to play...)

They then went for a run until it was time for the press conference.

Coach was asked a question about the scoring and he commented how he was happy that the Wizards have had scoring from forward, mid and defense. He joked they might have Hartmann move up on a corner kick sometime soon. Kevin was standing next to me when he said that, so I leaned over and said "let me know when he plans to do that, I will have to put you on my fantasy team". Kevin replied "You should already have me", he gave me a look and finished up with "3 shutouts...". I could only agree at that point.

I forgot...

All the photos from todays practice and press conference can be found at:

And one bit of rumor starting. There should be an announcement soon relating to game broadcasts.

KC Wizards practice 04/24/2008 and press conference

I went to practice today and stuck around for the press conference. Good practice, no Claudio, he is in Canada already to make sure Visa status is okay. There is some weird rules and he needed to go up a day early.

Something I noticed today and got the opportunity to ask Myers and Espinoza about; it seems they have to carry around the mini-goals as part of their rookie duties.
Here is Chance...

And here is Roger...

Carlos is available for reserve for the game. He nailed some amazing shots in practice. He was probably the most outstanding that I saw today.

The team practiced on the turf field today so they should be ready for conditions in Toronto.

I will try to post more later on.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

KC Wizards practice photos - Scott Sealy

Here is a shot of Scott Sealy launching one on goal with Captain Kansas City watching from a safe distance. This is from the 2nd or 3rd practice I went to and was one of my better photos from that day. I was pretty happy, nicely stopped action, ball in motion, not to bad for someone that was out of practice.

When I zoomed in a little bit, I was even happier. You can see bits of grass flying underneath the ball. I liked it...

Let me try another photo

These are both shots I took on a recent trip to DC. More to come shortly...

My first post with the new blog. Let me start with this photo...