Thursday, June 12, 2008

KC Wizard Practice 06/12 Part 3

Don't worry, number one keeper Kevin Hartman kept busy after the main scrimmage as well. Coach Tenney worked him out with a number of shots.

He saved most of them (I think this one got past him).

And as usual, he made some pf them look easy. Well easy for him...

KC Wizard Practice 06/12 Part 2

After scrimmages, they worked on set pieces. Andrew Kartunen was the keeper for these drills. He was left alone with no defenders to help for part of the practice.
Andrew managed to make some very nice saves despite being outnumbered.

Kartunen even managed to save this one depite being screened by the practice dummy and Aaron Hohlbein.
He could not keep them all out of the net, here is a familiar sight. Carlos Marinelli puitting it on to Captain Kansas City's head for a goal.

Andrew kept trying and Coach seemed pleased with the practice.

KC Wizard Practice 06/12 Part 1

Loose ball in the box...

Carlos collects the ball and breaks Claudio free up the wing...

Claudio in full stride...

He shoots far post...

And slices it past Kronberg.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

KC Wizards Reserves Vs KC Brass 06/09

The Wizards reserves defeated the KC Brass yesterday 5-1. You can read the full write up at Hillcrest Road and Kansas City Soccer Review was there as well.

Here is a shot of the Brass goalie.

The rest can be found at TPB Photo.