Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye Eloy

I am sad to say, Eloy Colombano is no longer a Kansas City Wizard. I am not sure of the details but I think he was released outright. I am sure an announcement will be forthcoming soon.

I also have to give him a lot of respect. He was watching practice and cheering on his now former team mates as they scrimmaged.

My daughter is going to be mad as hell. Her favorite player last year was Nick and he was traded. Her favorite player this year was Eloy and her next favorite is Chance (she is only 4 and she likes the guys with hair). So Eloy gets released and Chance does not get to play often. I hate to let anyone know that her next favorite is Claudio Lopez, he may end up getting benched.

UPDATE (23:40)- Confirmation reported by Pete Grathoff of the KC Star. Apparently it was by "Mutual Agreement".

“He’s very homesick,” technical director Peter Vermes said. “He got married this past offseason, he’s got a new son, and they live there and he lives here.

This matches what I was told and saw. Eloy did not want to leave but seemed like he had made the best decision. Good luck Eloy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Media soccer practice

Members of the media showed up at the training facility to get in a little practice before the big media game on July 10th. Well okay, two people were there. Bryan Truta from Jack FM and Cherryh Butler of Ink Magazine. I think Bryan is much more familiar with soccer but I am pretty confident that Cherryh will be able to run circles around him.

Bryan interviews Cherryh...

Truta demonstrating his superior skills.

But Cherryh is not too bad at close range...

Cherryh and KZ practice the Balls flying at my face skill.

Everyone is happy and poses all around.

I have heard there may be a draft to pick teams. If I was a team captain I am pretty sure Cherryh would be on my team. You can read more at including an interview with Bryan Truta as well. More shots of practice (Wizards and media) at

Wizards practice 06/18

Well, Lance Watson is definately practicing again. That is good news.

But Trujilo and Souter was not. They had to stay on the sideline and do what they could to practice.

If the first team for scrimmaging today is what we take to Toronto, then it looks like our starting lineup will change a little.

And no, I do not know who this player is. When I asked, the answer was a young guy they are looking at. So if you know who he is, leave a comment.

After practice they often play shotting games. I love to watch these as the players have a lot of fun and it reminds me of when I played a lot. The goalies want to play as well...

So they get someone else to play keeper for a while. He did pretty good.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reserves Crew 3 - 2 Wizards

The Wizards reserves started the match like the senior team from the night before. Not good, not pretty.

Here Andrew Peterson shoots on goal...

and slides it past the diving Kronberg for the Crew's second goal.

After giving up two goals the reserve team picked itself up and played harder. Something the Senior team could have used the night before.

Pore's diving header finishes off the hard work of Columbano and Victorine.

and he slides through the goal with style.

Marquess getting fouled on his way into the box...

taken down...

the resulting penalty kick buried by Pore for his second of the day.

Unfortunately they could not hold off the Crew long enough and George Josten knocked home the game winner in the 89th minute.

Crew 3 - 0 Wizards

Bad Weekend for Wizards fans.

The Wizards did not come to play Saturday night. They were out hustled, out played and out classed by a Columbus team that was ripe for the picking. The Crew were short handed from injuries and national team call ups and KC could still not beat them. Heck, they barely were in the game at all.

Our best players were bad, our mediocre players were bad.

Hartman - I will give him half a pass on the 1st goal, looking into that sun was horrible. I am pretty sure he lost sight of the ball as it crossed through the setting sun. The 2nd goal was all Kevin. Yeah, Leathers could have closed faster on Moreno, yeah someone could have backed him up in goal, but Kevin knows that if the keeper comes out like that he MUST get the ball. The third goal I will split the blame evenly between Hartman and Conrad. Jimmy left Moreno alone to help out in the middle and could not get back fast enough when he realized his mistake. Moreno unloaded a nice shot to the near post that on another day Hartman would have stopped. Kevin did a great job on a few other saves but it was not enough.

Conrad - I documented his mistakes above so I will just add that he did not lead the team well. The defense was not organized. I know the defense is young but it is Jimmy's job to keep them in line.

Marinelli - Not good enough Carlos. Play harder, play smarter.

Lopez - Best effort of the whole team but still not good enough. Claudio, you made some great crosses (some mediocre ones as well) but nobody was there. At least in some instances that is Sealy's fault but you are the World Class player, you are the guy that has to be better than everyone else. You are the guy that has to get a goal, you are the guy that need to play to where Sealy/Arnaud/Trujillio/whoever is, not where they should be.

Sealy - Dude, what is the problem? At times you look like you are hiding out there.

Arnaud - We have all been waiting to get Davy back on the field but he does not look like he was ready.

Zavagnin - Kerry is one of my all time favorite players but he did not play well either. I do not know if age is catching up to him or if there is an inkown injury but he does not look to be himself.

Jewsbury - Jack did not stand out to me in any way. Not good but nothing bad either. In thsi game I guess not being remembered for bad play is a highlight.

Leathers - Made some mistakes. Rookie...

Hohlbein - Wahl or Hohlbein, does not seem to make much difference.

Harrington - Not bad, not good either. Maybe you need to go back to left wing.


Trujillio and Sascha made little difference. Pore made the most of his time in the second half.