Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Josh Wolff update and other stuff

It sounds like Josh will join the team in the middle of next week and be eligible ot play on July 15th. Too bad, we could use him with all the various games we have coming up but at least he should be rested for the next stretch of games.

I will get out to practice next week to get some shots of him in getting to know his new team mates.

I am also hoping to catch a few practices of Atlas, our sister club from Mexico. It will be interesting for me to contrast training styles between the two teams.

Josh Wolff returns

The Kansas City Wizards announced that Josh Wolff is returning. It will be very interesting to see what money he will receieve. The rumor was that he was offered 10K a month for the rest of the year and that he would not accept that. I am hopeful that he did sign for that amount or less even. Not because I do not like Josh, but because I want some more cap room to add even more talent if possible.

Welcome back Josh, good luck. Score some goals!!!!

What number will you wear?

Are you already with the team?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Kansas City Wizards 1 - 0 Real Salt Lake

It’s a WIN - 3 POINTS
Cauldron looked great and the sellout crowd was mostly there
Edge of the seat excitement
Kevin Hartman get another shutout
Late game mistake by RSL to give KC the win
Defense solidifying
Outshot RSL, earned more corners, very improved passing
No Cards (are you listening Roger?)
Went to my first official tailgate (good food, friendly people)

Wizards did not score
Strikers still not on target

Players Ratings
Hartman 8 – not tested hard but made the saves
Conrad 8 – not his best game ever, played hurt, 1 bad mistake but still manages to rise above the competition based upon his good looks
Jewsbury 8 – Hated to see him at defense but he played very well
Hohlbein 8 – Very solid performance
Harrington 7 – good play, play up the wing could have been a little better
Victorine 5 – Just not much to say, not great, not horrible
Morsink 7 - Showed in the game what Coach sees in practice. Solid performance as defensive midfielder
Lopez 6 – Claudio officially played where he has been playing anyway, showed moments of his great ability but ha too many missed touches
Arnaud 7 – For the first time this year looked like the Davy we all know and love
Sealy 6 – Worked hard, showed for ball better today, could have easily been the man of the month if he would just have put a ball in the net
Trujilo 5 – Disappointing, played hard but did not meet expectations

Marinelli 62’ 7 – looked like the Carlos that we all know he can be. Looked dangerous and actually defended well. Maybe sitting on bench has been a positive
Pore 62’ 6 – looked good, needs to score in a league game to shut up his critics
Myers 78’ 5 – Wish I could say more but did not see much from him in his time in the game

Overall a much better game. The team looked ready to play and after a few minutes settled in to dominate most of the game. Wizards really should have shot quicker in the first half to test Rimando’s vision in the setting sun.

Somehow they need to score a legitimate goal in the run of play. Not a PK, not an own goal by the other team. A goal that is created by passing and outplaying the other team will open up the flood gates. Coach will be much happier at the press conference this week.