Friday, August 1, 2008

Interview with Kurt Morsink part 2 and 3

First, some shots of Morsink from the Chicago game.

Kurt slide tackling...

Kurt taking the ball away from Blanco...

Kurt being chased by former Wizard Diego Guttierez...

Kurt talking about playing D-mid and how that affects his ability to be more involved.

A little more conversation with Kurt.

Interview with Kurt Morsink part 1

Interview with Kurt Morsink. The audio starts after we were already talking about fan voting and fan opinions. Mike Kuhn of Down The Byline fame and I were talking to Kurt.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beso Futbol

A few more shots from the last game. Someone left the following comment on this photo in the gallery.
Beso Futbol (Beso means kiss, I liked it...)

Aaron getting hit in the back...

Synchronized running...

Davy bringing the ball upfield.

This is Alan, fellow Wizards fan and photographer. Check out his photos at Caught Looking Photography

The rest of my shots from this game can be found at KC Wizards vs Chicago Fire gallery.

I did stop by practice on Wednesday morning but I just watched from the car. The team scrimmaged in the rain and played an entertaining game while I watched. I plan on being at practice Thursday and attending the press conference as usual.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kansas City Wizards 0 - 0 Chicago Fire

Forwards: Not good enough.
Claudio Lopez – Claudio looks like he is ready to score a highlight reel goal at any minute. Maybe he needs to play a little more simple and shoot a little more often. I still like him in the midfield better.
Josh Wolff - Lots of half chances in Josh’s own words, they looked like a few real scoring chances that were not finished to me.

Midfielders: The midfield held it’s own, at times they were outplayed and at times they controlled. Overall break even.
Davy Arnaud – Keeps running at them and keeps them on their toes
Kurt Morsink – Kurt continues to improve upon his solid play,
Sasha Victorine – Sasha comes close to scoring again but still can not finish.
Roger Espinoza – While Roger racks up minutes, his experience and confidence grows. His offensive abilities are starting to threaten on a regular basis. Managed to play around the Card generating Blanco and not get more than a yellow.

Defenders: As a group, can’t fault the result. No goals given up, only a couple good opportunities for Chicago and the best part, Blanco did nothing for a change.
Jack Jewsbury – Helped keep Blanco in check, did not seem to get into offense as much as he did the previous game.
Aaron Hohlbein – Did not see Aaron much, which I think means he did his job well. The few times he stood out were all well played.
Jimmy Conrad – MLS All-Star, Captain,
Michael Harrington – Along with Jack kept Blanco from doing much, good game but also kept from getting into offense enough

Goalie: There was only one so you can read the comments on Kevin below.
Kevin Hartman – Not challenged a lot but made every save, can’t ask for much more.

Subs: Could not spark offense so they were also not good enough. Were they too late for a tired Josh and Claudio?
Ryan Pore – Seems to almost create something but just does not quite get there.
Ivan Trujillo – Supposed to be our big presence up front, played smaller than he is.
Nelson Pizarro – Made sub bench, got first MLS time. Happy to see his reserve work rewarded. At times looked a little overmatched but settled down as the game went on.

Supporters: Both groups of supporters represented well
Cauldron – This group continues to mature and improve. Flags, banners, streamers…
Fire supporters – Had the largest traveling section so far this year. Could even hear them occasionally.