Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kevin Hartman and Kicks4Kenya

I am sure most of you remember the HillCrest Road Kicks4Kenya post from a few weeks ago. On Thursday, TJ and another guy from Kicks4Kenya was at practice. They were setting up to film a Kevin Hartman PSA.

Go watch and please help them out of you can. They are doing good in this world...

Hey TJ, do us a favor. If you see any really good players when you are there next time, send their names to Peter Vermes please.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 08/07/2008 and press conference

A bunch of kids were out watching today.

They were able to get autographs from several players...

More autographs...

One of my favorite activities at practice comes after the official practice is over. Frequently the players organize competitve game with each other after practice. It normally involves passing and shooting so it helps their skills and feeds some of the competitive juices at the same time. I enjoy it because it is just good fun to watch people have fun. I also get to take some shots that I wouldn't normally get in a game.

Boris Pardo with a backheel shot (not a goal)

Kevin Souter looks like he is ready to take off.

Nelson Pizarro gets air for a nice header

They often use Brad (I think), one of the equipment guys as the goalie for these games. He really is a very good goalie. It did crack me up to watch Boris take out the keeper to try and get a goal.

One of the more awesome shots was this acrobatic effort from Lance Watson. Yeterday at CAB, he had an amazing bicycle shot for a goal. It was after the scrimmage but still impressive.

Light media turnout today...

Metrosports camera and crew...

Bob Luder (KC Star) and Bob Rusert (

Robert Whitman from

During the press conference there is usually players walking out around that time. I saw Josh and Jack walking together, as soon as I pointed the camera towards them Josh hid behind Jack.

He then told Jack about the jelly doughnut shot of Josh Wolff. I did get this one a litte bit later.

Interview with Matt Marquess

I talked to Matt Marquess today.

Matt played in his first MLS game last Saturday. I asked him to tell me how it felt getting into his first game.

Since he wil be starting this weekend, I asked him how he was preparing for Chivas.

I asked him what he would do if he was the coach.

Kansas City Wizards practice 08-06-2008 part 2

Sorry all, meant to post this last night.

Projected lineup for this weekend.
Arnaud - Wolff
Lopez - Victorine - Zavagnin - Harrington
Marquess - Hohlbein - Conrad - Jewsbury

This is the first team from yesterday, and it was confirmed by Coach today at the press conference.

I will have some stuff from today's practice in a little bit.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice 08-06-2008

Went out to practice today. Josh was practicing and looked good in the drills.
Often discussed and rarely seen. Carlos Marinelli practiced and played in the team scrimmage.
I am not sure, but it looks like he was practicing Aikido...
He throws Jack...
and realizes that might have been a foul...

Bob Luder of the Kansas City Star watching practice. He was going to accompany some of the team on their Wizards Spanish Speakers tour today.

I will post some other observation later today. Including the possible lineup...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Notes and observations - 08-05-2008

I stopped by practice this morning to find out if Josh was participating or not. Unfortunately they moved practice to another time and I can not be there then. Practice tomorrow is out at CAB and I will be there so I will let everyone know when I get back.

I did not get much feedback on the interview with Kurt but what little I did was positive. I will try to get another interview or two on Wednesday and Thursday. Let me know in the comments who you would like me to interview and any questions you may have. Please keep the questions respectful. I am not part of the traditional media and they do not have to let me have the access that I have.

I am not going to do a BackPost.Net review of the DC game because:
I am just a little late
I have other things to do
I did one for another outlet already
But mostly, I am fed up with writing about the lack of scoring

I will say this. Contrary to a lot of opinion, the Wizards did not get horribly outplayed. They out shot DC 17 to 8 and 8 to 3 on goal, they just could not finish again. Lots of shots just feet from the post and several right at the goalie.

Check out Mike’s editorial at Down the Byline. He has some very good points and it is a situation that I think is indicative of media in general and in Kansas City media specifically. I do have to counter one point he made though. I have been at all but 1 or 2 of the press conferences this summer. The KC Star has had a representative there at all but 1 or 2 so far. Mike just happened to be there on the day that there was no Star rep that we saw. I often take pics of the media in attendance and will make an effort to show who shows up from now on. The sad thing is that was day was above average for attendance by TV.