Saturday, September 13, 2008

KCKCC 5 - 0 Coffeyville

After the Wizards press conference on Thursday, I noticed a couple teams getting ready to play on the Wizards turf field. After talking with them I found out it was Kansas City Kansas Community College playing Coffeyville. It seems they play their home games at the Wizards training facility.

It was sprinkling (sometimes outright raining) throughout the game but it was very entertaining to watch. KCKCC is in white...
Most of the game Coffeyville was outplayed but they never gave up...
KCKCC goalie was solid all game long...
More photos can be found here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly interview #5

I was able to talk to both Kevin Hartman and Davy Arnaud after practice yesterday. They were both soaked from the rain but willingly stayed and patiently answered questions so I want to thank them both again.

I saw a lot of comments that Davy's goal in the last game may have been a handball so I asked him about that and about playing a different position in the next game...

Arnaud bringing ball up the wing against Chivas

Kevin talks about the last game, the upcoming game with LA, Beckham in MLS and the quality of play in MLS.

Hartman practicing defending set pieces.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

KC Wizards Press Conference - behind the scenes

Since most people do not get to attend the press conferences, I thought I would give a little more context to what is normally seen. This is a typical shot that I would post of Coach talking and very similar to what you would see when you watch it on Metro Sports.

The press conference is held in one of the pavillions in Swope Park. Normally there is at least 2 video cameras: Metro Sports (always since they broadcast it) and Fox or NBC are the next most likely to be there.

This is a view from the back of the pavillion showing the entire setup.

There were 3 TV cameras there at the start of the press conference yesterday. Bob Luder is in the foreground rapidly wtiting his notes in shorthand.

Karen Kornacki in red in the distance and a Spanish language paper interviewing Boris Pardo at the table.

Another shot from the back. A 4th camera crew (2nd NBC) showed up part way through. Abe Thompson sitting at the table waiting for his turn in front of the cameras. Notice food on table? Planet Sub sandwiches and cookies to entice the Media to come back.

Abe getting wired for sound.

Kansas City Wizards practice 09-11-2008 and Press conference

Another lineup in practice today. Same as yesterday with one interesting change.

When I got there, the team was playing a small side/small goal game. One team was the players I would expect to be starters. Claudio was not playing on the starters team today. I noticed Espinoza at left mid and at first I thought that Claudio was taking the day off. Coach has mentioned before that they rest certain veterans throughout the week to keep them fresh and my observations have confirmed that. This is a shot of the starter team right after that game.

But then all of sudden I saw Claudio, he was playing on the non-starters team.

When Coach was asked about the unusual lineup in practice he replied that he is not sure who would be playing on Saturday yet. He would make that decision on Friday or maybe even on Saturday.

After that game, the starters went over and practiced corners and set pieces. Hercules Gomez was swinging some wicked corners into the box. His were looking as good as Marinelli's did early in the year.

Speaking of Carlos, all the rest of the players were having a little tournament. Claudio played in that game as well. The goal of the day, really both goals of the day belonged to Carlos. In one of them, Boris came out to pressure Marinelli and Carlos just flipped it back over his head and the ball slowly trickled into the goal. Nothing anyone could do about it.

Here Boris is still laughing at the goal he gave up....

And here Carlos is still smiling as well.

Carlos had another goal that he just flicked over the goalie, (Kronberg this time). When he plays like that you can see why the Wizards wanted him.

Interviews with both Arnaud and Hartman, will have those up later tonight.

Wizards, Media and Robb

I want to point out that Hillcrest Road posted a list of On air media this week. I think this is a good move because it will allow fans to look for and possibly call in to some of these events. I have heard fans in the past express frustration that they did not know Coach or Peter or players were on until it was too late to call. I think this is a good thing and should be repeated as often as possible. Thanks Hillcrest!!!

As many people know, the Wizards have an unusual person at the helm. Robb Heineman takes opportunities to talk to fans in places that traditional leaders would not do. He has a post titled how im feeling tonight over at Hillcrest Road. He has previosly posted at the fan forum as well.
Many fans are not happy with the status of the team and Robb recognizes this.

Hey Robb, I have two questions at the moment.

Can you send me some renderings of the stadium design?

Want to sit down for an interview?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abe Thompson and Hercules Gomez interviews

I was able to talk to both of the new Wizards for a couple minutes. They were both very cooperative and entertaining.

Abe Thompson talks about getting to start this weekend and contrasts his former team and the Wizards.

Abe juggling the ball after practice...

Hercules Gomez talks about his new team.

While it was hard to hear because of background noise and wind, did you notice he talked about the colors and the shield he is wearing? I liked that.

Hercules talks a bit about himself...

Hercules showing his new uniform.

Weekly interview #5

I was unable to guarentee that I would make it to practice this week so Mike from Down The Byline and I did not run the poll. We did not want to promise something and not come through.

It turns out that I should be able to make it to practice tomorrow as well. So this week I will try to talk to either Davy Arnaud or Kevin Hartman or both if possible. So please leave any questions in the comments here or at Down The Byline and I will do my best to ask.

Kansas City Wizards practice 09-10-2008

Today was the first practice I was able to attend since Abe Thompson was acquired. The scrimmage is always interesting since it usually shows what the likely starting lineup will be for the next game. From the looks of it today, Coach is wasting no time in getting the new players into the starting lineup. Unless there are other injuries or someone suddenly gets healthy, here is the lineup I would expect to see.
Wolff - Thompson
Lopez - Jewsbury - Arnaud - Gomez
Harrington - Wahl - Conrad - Leathers

Thompson and Wolff working together in practice...

The opposition team was interesting as well.
Pore - Trujillo
Espinoza - Morsink - Zavagnin - Marinelli
Watson - Souter - McKenzie - Myers

I thought Souter did rather well in the defense.

I had a chance to talk to both Abe and Hercules after practice and will have the audio up later today.

Here is Abe doing a little juggling after practice. He was doing interviews and was unable to get into the after practice shooting game so he played a little on his own.

Ryan lays on ground after narrowly missing his second diving header in a row.