Friday, October 10, 2008

FYI - Gate closed at CAB

Gate A (the Southwest corner of the park) will be closed tomorrow, so they are asking everyone from the season ticket lots to funnel through Gate B.

Not sure why, but I think squeezing everyone onto a small space will allow Twellman to feel more at home.

Weekly interview #9 - Michael Harrington

I went to practice yesterday with the intent to interview both of the top vote getters, Tyson Wahl and Harrington. Somehow I missed Tyson walking off so I stopped by practice this morning to catch him. I was too late and practice was well over. Tyson, I will try to interview you next week so you are not off the hook yet.

I did catch Harrington for a few minutes.

Harrington fighting off former Wizard Brandon Prideaux

Weekly interview 8 - Eric Kronberg

Yes this is late. I did interview Eric last week at practice but the audio quality was so low I would not use it. It was really windy that day and this blog does not have very high tech recording equipment.

So I re-interviewed him yesterday.

Eric clearly wants to start. I would be disappointed in him if he didn't.

This photo of Eric in a rare blue Wizards keeper jersey from the RBNY Reserve game. It was a shutout for Eric and the Wizards.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Practice observations, news and missing player… 10-09-2008

Went out to practice Thursday. The press conference was held on Wednesday so I missed it this week.

It looks like the same lineup will be starting. I saw Claudio playing a bit so he may be back in the 18 again.

After some scrimmaging, the starters worked on set pieces. Corners, restarts from a few spots, a couple different plays from each spot were tried multiple times. I will not describe them here but it will be interesting to see if they show up in the game at some point.

Last week I noted in Kansas City Wizards Practice 10 03 2008 that there was some disagreement in practice between Coach and Carlos. I have not seen him back at practice or at the games on Sunday. I tried to get some time with Coach to talk to him about it but he had a phone interview to do. After doing a couple other interviews I was leaving when Coach went out of his way to catch me on the way out. He knew I was going to ask about Marinelli and still was willing to do the interview when he could have easily avoided it. Thanks Coach.


UMKC dominated most of the game. IUPUI could rarely make it through midfield and had only a couple dangerous opportunities. Caleb Mitchell (UMKC #14) had the game winner in the 25th minute.

Brian Harris sealed the game with another 2. Here he is scoring his first...

And this is Harris after his second goal.

Bryan Perez was named to the "Soccer America team of the week".
Harris slices through the IUPUI midfield.
The rest of the photos can be found in UMKC vs IUPUI.

KCKCC 8 - 4 Cowley

Last week, KCK played Cowley down at Swope Park.

Cowley fought hard and answered KCKCC goals through the first half. Here Keegan Cornelius is about to score Cowley's first goal. The score at halftime was 4-3.

They were unable to keep up in the second half but never gave up. The Cowley keepers were peppered with shots, ultimately facing 22 shots on goal.

Here one gets by...

Reon Thomas (#9) from KCK scored 4 goals and was pretty happy about it.

Cowley backup keeper was not spared either.

The rest of the photos can be found in KCKCC vs Cowley.

These KCK Community college game are entertaining as can be. They have some very good players and they play a strong physical game as well. Their next game at Swope Park will be October 22 at 1 PM.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interview Poll #9

Mike of Down The Byline and I are continuing the weekly interview poll. We will setup interviews with a player of your choice (if possible).

Cast your vote and leave a comment with a question you would like to ask the player. We will of course ask additional questions as time permits. Go to the poll on the side of this blog and vote for who you want interviewed. You can also vote at Down The Byline and both votes count.

Leave questions in the comments to this post and at the post on Down The Byline. Let us know if it is a player specific question or a general question to any player.

Michael Harrington - Second year player scored Wizards lone goal
Kevin Hartman- Standout goalie would have had clean sheet without the PK call
Roger Espinoza - Has had some rough spots but finding consistent playing time
Tyson Wahl - Another brick in the defensive wall