Friday, October 24, 2008

Kerry Zavagnin Interview -10/23/2008

I cornered Kerry after practice on Thursday, I setup near the media cookies and he fell right into my trap.

I had to of course ask him about the huge banner the Cauldron did for his last regular season game. That banner was awesome. I do not know who all worked on it but I know Jeff (Szazzy) coordinated it. The other banners in the back had some of Kerry's accomplishments. I'm sure the stats were provided by Mike of Down The Byline (who else?)

Kerry has a mini-me...

I stitched together pano's of the banner. Here it is outside at the tailgate with a bunch of the Cauldron...

Here it is inside, someone tell the guy in the middle to not be so tall...

These can be seen larger in the Banner panos gallery

Kerry jumped at the chance to thank the fans...

Weekly interview #11 - Herculez Gomez

Herculez scored the game winning goal last weekend and it couldn't have been more dramatic. He was the top vote getter in our combined polls so I stopped him after practice on Thursday.

Herculez talks about the goal, the upcoming game in New England among other stuff...

Herculez celebrates...

News and observations 10-23-2008

From observation and a few questions, it looks like the lineup will be the same at New England. Abe Thompson is the possible exception to that. He did not train all week until Thursday. My guess is that he will be a go but Ivan will be ready to come in.

Josh will still not be available.

Wizards are in the playoff already so this game will mostly determine who Kansas City plays.

No earth shattering news. With the exception of Josh noted above, everyone trained and looked okay in practice. Well at least everyone that we would expect at this point.

I talked to Gomez since the fans voted for him the most. I also stopped Kerry to get his reaction to the wonderful fan display of appreciation.
It is late so I will post the audio Friday.

The real team photographer was there and took a cool group shots and some other outstanding photos.

Park University 2 - 0 Southern Nazarene

Tuesday I was just driving around scouting out some photo locations and came across a soccer game. Being a sucker for a good game I pulled in and asked permission to shoot the game. Sadly the light was not great (overcast, cool, threatening to pour at any minute), but did the best I could.

It was a good game, SNU and Park seemed to be fairly evenly matched with SNU getting a little more possession but Park with the more dangerous opportunities of the first half. This was to be expected since they were both in the NAIA Top 25 poll. Park came into the game at 16th and SNU at 8th.

After half, with the wind at their back, Park applied more and more pressure. Their was a constantly building attack until the 64th minute when Raad Qumsieh (#21) crossed to Tazou Ali Tagba (#10)who put it home convincingly.

This is Tagba celebrating his goal...

Raad Qumsieh on the attack...

Alain Matingou (#4) scored in the 84th minute to wrap the game up for Park. Here he transitioning the ball out of the back...

The rest of the photos can be seen at Park 2 - 0 Southern Nazarene gallery. Park's next game is against Central Christian this Saturday, October 25 at Julian Field at 3:00 p.m. It is senior day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playoff bound...

New York loses 5-2 in Chicago.

Thank you Chris Rolfe!!!

Update: "Collectively, except for one or two players, everybody else should be very ashamed of how we played," Red Bulls coach Juan Carlos Osorio said.

How about the coach?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Claudio Lopez, Player of the week and other stuff...

As many of you know by now, Claudio Lopez was named the MLS Player of the Week. A goal and two assists in a dramatic 3-2win will get that for you. This goal reminds of the magic of Lopez. Sometime he can just put a ball around/over a keeper in the coolest ways.

Each week, the team has a press conference. It is always Coach and then usually a player (once it was Vermes). This week Claudio will be the player.

The last time he was at the press conference he was pretty quiet until someone brought up the play of Argentina.

Do not forget to go bid on Hartman's Pink jerseys. I think someone should get one for WC.

Go over to Down The Byline, Mike has the Weekly update on former Wizards.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Interview Poll #11

Who should we interview this week? Mike of Down The Byline and I are continuing the weekly interview poll.

Herculez Gomez - he got the winning goal, created chances
Abe Thompson - assisted on Claudio goal
Coach Onalfo - he has brought his team back from brink to be in a decent position to get into playoffs

Write in a candidate if you think someone else is deserving. If you have questions you want asked, keep it fairly respectful and write them in the comments. We are running out of season and opportunity to do interviews. Go to the poll on the side of this blog and vote for who you want interviewed. You can also vote at Down The Byline and both votes count.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kansas City Wizards 3 - 2 San Jose Earthquakes

That was fun. What a great night. I do not know where to begin...
The fans were able to honor 2 of their favorite Wizards. Kerry Zavagnin's last regular season home game deserved a special display and it was delivered.
This is part of the display before the game. Many Cauldron members posing with THE centerpice of Kerry's TIFO. This may have been the largest full color display in MLS history.
Kerry is hugged by the Cauldron...
The game itself was great. A last second goal to end the game by Herculez Gomez, Claudio Lopez showing glimpses of his old form and some great play on both teams made it as good as it gets.
Here the ball is just crossing the goalline on the winning goal.
Herc and Jack start to celebrate as San Jose players have barely moved.
After the game, fireworks. Okay fireworks are always cool but these were better than normal for a few reasons. We won, in dramatic fashion no less. That is always a bonus.
The Cauldron. As Cauldron founding father Sam noted, the "fireworks show music was the Cauldron, going non-stop, for the 10+ minutes of the pyro display over the south stand. Spectacular, indeed." Agreed..., Spectacular indeed...
Don't tell anyone but I snuck my daughter onto the field during the fireworks. She danced to the Cauldron singing WOAS, 'Oh Kerry, Kerry' and others for the entire time. Could not have been scripted better for me.
After the fireworks ended, former Wizard Nick Garcia was brought over to the Cauldron to be recognized. Cauldron president Robert Houghton presented Nick with a fantastic gift. Nick was impressed I think.
Nick signed autographs and posed for photos for quite awhile. Someone even brought a "replica" of a seat from Arrowhead to be signed.
And yes, for those of you who know me and my previous writings, my daughter got to meet her favorite player. NICK GARCIA!
There was a huge line to get autographs from the entire team after the game.
Overall, a very good day to be a Wizards fan.
See KC Wizards 3 - 2 San Jose Earthquakes for more photos of the TIFO, the award to Nick and some Tailgate photos.