Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kansas City Wizards practice - 10/30/2008

Press conference day today, but first practice notes.

Looks like the same lineup will start based upon practice lineups.
Goalies all looked sharp. First team practiced set pieces while everyone else that was fit scrimmaged. Chance and Josh did not scrimmage. Looks like both of them may not be ready for this weekend.

Josh watching practice and catching some rays...

Press conference had decent turnout (must be the playoffs). NBC, Fox and Metro Sports all had cameras there. The Star was present as well as 3 bloggers and a Spanish media outlet (I did not catch which one). Coach was pretty upbeat today and didn't even seem to mind explaining how the playoffs work to one member of the traditional media. Coach was pretty honest in his opinions of the play of New England in the last game. If anyone wants, I can put the audio up from the press conference.

Kevin and Davy were the players at press conference. Kevin was well dressed as always and Davy is pretty happy. He is a new dad. Congrats again Davy!!!

Hey MLS Rumors, I think we found the Wizards next player.

Random shots - 10/30/2008

Well deserved - Khano Smith suspended for 3 games total

Mike plays: Wizards where are they now? Okay, we know where they are but Mike let’s us know how they are doing.

Mike names his player of month and I can not disagree.

More interviews and media game 2 – How about New media vs old?

Ives who will win in the first round poll – People are giving the Wizards almost as little chance to win as New England. The Rev’s are decimated by 2 injuries and 2 STUPID Red Cards. The Wizards are playing better than they have all year. Think it is a little better chance than New England’s.

Maradona to coach Argentina I always thought he would make a good coach for DC, of course they already know how to use their hands. But seriously Argentina, a coach?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekly interview #12 - Herculez Gomez

Herculez was again the top vote getter on the interview poll both here and on Down The Byline.

I had to ask him about the incident in New England and I got the answer I expected. He took the high road, too bad some Revolution players did not do the same thing. We also talked about the upcoming playoff series with the Crew.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shalrie Joseph comments...

Saturday night at New England, Revolution player Khano Smith tackled Herculez Gomez in what appeared to be an obvious attempt to injure Gomez. The ref threw a quick and justified red. Smith was the second Revolution player ejected, and it all but ended hopes of winning that game. It also further damaged New Englands chances to win at least the first playoff game against Chicago.

Shalrie Joseph discussing Khano Smith’s extremely nasty tackle on Herculez Gomez: "He didn't get a yellow, he didn't get suspended or fined or nothing. So we know coming in [to Saturday's game] that we definitely wanted to give him payback and make him know we didn't appreciate what he did to Ralston, our teammate."

Prepared statement by (for) Joseph released on Monday: "I want to apologize for my comments after our game on Saturday night against Kansas City. I was still caught up in the heat of the match. I regret implying that we were looking for payback. I know my comments don't reflect the feelings of my teammates or the club."

New England said: "There was no concerted effort to single out any player on Kansas City's squad. We would never condone such behavior or actions."

Shalrie, are you kidding? You regret implying? You did not imply, you flat out stated the truth and now you and the team are trying to CYA after the fact.

When Gomez tackled Ralston, it may have been late but it was not intentional to injure. I have interviewed Herculez twice on this now. I have asked him directly if he tried to hurt Ralston, he looked me in the eyes and said no. He felt bad for Ralston.

When Smith tackled Gomez out of bounds it sure looked like the intent to injure was there. To be honest, if the Revolution just wanted to “rough up” Gomez a little bit I would understand it. If you ever played in a league with me then you know I have no problem with that. But to go after someone like Khano did? Not acceptable.

I hope the league delivers the appropriate justice.

Twellman out indefinitely reports Twellman out from concussion-related symptoms. I hate to see players hurt but maybe New England is experiencing bad karma...

Kansas City Wizards practice - 10/28/2008

The team was playing one of the small side tournaments they do frequently.

Good news - Herculez did not look to have any issues after having been targeted in the New England game.

More Good news - Josh was practicing today and looked pretty quick. He was fighting pretty hard for some balls, enough that he had some words with a teammate. Nothing serious, just proof of hard play in practice.

Not so good news - Chance got a ding in scrimmages and had to come out of the scrimmage leaving his team short.

Not good news - Roger was not practicing. Sounds like he thought he would be ready later in the week (or by game time at least). He confirmed it was from being tackled in the reserve game. I asked if it was as dirty as I heard and he said it was not a good one.

Interesting news - There was a player I did not recognize. I was told he was Cuban but nobody knew his name. The official line was he was here to fill a spot for practice and stay in shape. I am sure that it was a look at each other.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Interview Poll #12

Who should we interview this week? Mike of Down The Byline and I are continuing the weekly interview poll.

Coach Onalfo - Got his team to the playoffs
Herculez Gomez - Khano Smith tries to take him out
Roger Espinoza - comes in game for Herculez, then gets hurt in reserve game
Davy Arnaud - Game winning goal scorer

Write in a candidate if you think someone else is deserving. If you have questions you want asked, keep it fairly respectful and write them in the comments. We are running out of season and opportunity to do interviews. Go to the poll on the side of this blog and vote for who you want interviewed. You can also vote at Down The Byline and both votes count.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stuff I found interesting lately…

Mike over at Down The Byline found out that there may be a Kurt Morsink call up. Costa Rica will be in a tournament and may take that opportunity to look at Kurt. A few weeks a go I asked Kurt about his Costa Rica dream and it is clear he wants to play for them.

Speaking of Mike, he has his usual Sunday after stats post up. Does every MLS team have a stats geek (said with all due respect) like this? Glad we do…

MLS released the expansion draft rules. Mike and George both jumped at the opportunity to make their predictions and opinions known on who Kansas City will keep and expose. They both have a good list. I would not be surprised if Peter Vermes has some move up his sleeve that will turn all the predictions upside down.

Here is Georges post: expansion draft rules announced who does kc protect
And Mikes: expansion draft thoughts and predictions

Speaking of Seattle, Ives is reporting that Freddie Ljungberg going to Seattle as their first DP. The expansion draft rules, the players they already have signed, the players they get to keep from the USL version of the Sounders and the money behind the scenes may allow them to hit the field pretty dangerous from the start. Good chance they will not be the bottom of the West in their first year.

Goff writes about a Special day for Quaranta. Good reminder that soccer players are human with human problems. Santino has played better this year but it looks like his real success has been off the field. Good luck and stay strong dude.

I link to the blogs that I like on the right side. I have the ones that focus on the Wizards and the ones that get good info and breaking stuff around the league. Sideline Views was based in LA and at times was LA centric, they also reported on and followed the US National teams. It was also common to find info on Mexico and a lot of other good info. It is sad to see them bid a fond farewell. Andrea Canales has moved to Goal.Com and Luis Bueno will not continue the blog by himself. While Luis is a good writer I have always liked Andrea’s outlook. Can catch both of them elsewhere but will miss the combo of the two. Part of the inspiration for this blog was reading how they were providing info from practice. Thanks AC and LB…