Thursday, December 11, 2008

Peter Vermes interview 11-26-2008

I was able to pin Peter down for a pretty long interview a while back. It was right after the expansion draft so that plays a large role in this interview.

Part 1 Expansion draft
I asked him to comment on losing Tyson Wahl, about the quality of the draft. This part ends abruptly because he received a phone call.

Part 2
I asked:
How do you prepare for all the expansion drafts coming up? Comments on the roster change. Reserve league. He did not like losing the reserve league.

He was out scouting in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Croatia, Serbia) with Zoran Savic. He talks about the 3 year plan to manage cap and being a year ahead of schedule. Peter talks about Cristman and what he brings to team, competition for starting job…

I asked about the logic behind reducing the roster? Were the reasons economy and expansion. He added that it was also to allow more depth with more senior players.

Part 3
I asked if he found anyone on the European scouting trip. He found an incredible guy, attacking type player, explosive that he is working on.

I asked if he was going to bring back any of the Africans or the Cuban that was trying out with the team? He is not adverse to that.

College scouting? Yes, all over including local like UMKC

Africa scouting/combine? Was setup but has been postponed (maybe to springtime) because of roster changes

Team trips? Florida and to Mexico with Atlas…

Expansion draft logic – Why Hartman was relatively safe to expose? Seattle did not need and they did not think any other team could put together a package that would make it worth Seattle picking and trading Hartman. Tyson, Hohlbein and Morsink were the likely targets. Had to protect most important and slave to rules.

Marinelli vs Trujilio being protected? – did not matter which one, had to protect so many international players and both were going anyway.

Was Carlos a disappointment?

I'm back...

Sorry everyone. I took some time off, got sick, got busy, shot a bunch of photos, all that stuff.

Coming up in the next post is an interview I got with Peter Vermes just after the expansion draft. Once again, sorry it is a little out of date but there is still some good info in there.