Sunday, January 11, 2009

Claudio Lopez re-signs with KC as non-DP

Ives reports that Lopez re-signs with KC and is no longer a DP. So his salary dropped at least from $800K to $400K. But it gets better, Ives has been told that it may be half of DP money ($200K). The Wizards could be sitting pretty good cap wise. With a possible extra $200K from Lopez, another $100K or so of van den Bergh’s salary no longer on KC’s books, $115K not going to Marinelli, Trujillio’s salary of $70K and KZ’s retirement saving $170K, the cap looks good for the Wizards.

Of course Peter has said this each time I have talked to him. He mentioned that when he took over he had a 3 year plan to get the cap in line with where he wanted it and they were a year ahead of schedule. Well done Peter!!!

Side note: I have an interview scheduled with Peter on Monday to talk about the draft if everything works out. I will have to ask him about this of course but if there are any other subjects or specific questions to ask leave them in the comments.

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