Monday, January 19, 2009

Observations from the draft...

Mo Johnston has the reputation as Trader Mo. There were plenty of trades proposed, but not much came of it. It was entertaining to watch Mo at the draft. He was constantly on the go talking to someone.

Here Mo is chatting with Steve Nicol.

I got to meet Ives at the draft. He sat in the front row of the media section and just about everyone who was anyone stopped by to chat with him…

Ives was the only person to talk to more people than Mo. He even talked to Mike…

Preki visited the Wizards table and chatted with Coach Zavagnin (take awhile to get used to that).

One of the best moments of the draft was when Richard Jata was selected by Chicago Fire. He was selected in the 4th round, 58th overall. Not a lot of players were actually in attendance, Generation Adidas players mostly. Richard Jata was there though, and he waited through until the end to hear his name called. He got up and gave a great speech. You could tell how happy he was. Jata gave everyone in the hall a great feeling and got a round of applause in return from just about everyone. Richard Jata is now officially my favorite Fire player. Here is Jata walking out to the media area.

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