Thursday, January 29, 2009

Peter Vermes interview 01-28-2009 Part 1

Peter Vermes is always willing to talk and answer questions (as long as you can catch him). He answered questions for over 20 minutes today. I am providing the audio but I am also including the highlights from each part as well.

Part 1 - possible signings

Looking at a couple guys, one will probably join the team in Florida to tryout, working on the other one.

Carlo Costly was looked at but not someone they were trying to sign.

Players they have interest in, one from Europe and one from South America.

No signings imminent. Wizards spent the last 2 years building/rebuilding. Trades, draft, acquisitions, they feel pretty good with the team. Other teams have big holes to fill, Wizards do not. Lots of young players have gotten playing time and are getting better.

Wizards can get stronger in a couple areas, could get more “cover” but not needing to sign in panic. More solid than start of last year.

Forward position better than start of last year.

Identified a couple guys, one specific they are working on but is a slow process.

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