Monday, February 16, 2009

Peter Vermes interview 02-13-2009 Part 1

part 1 - Santiago Hirsig, Beres and players in general

Here are the questions I asked...

Santiago – was he one of the players you were working on when we last talked?
How did it come about, was it a fast moving deal, looked like he was going to sign with Barcelona in Ecuador?
Where do you see him slotting into the lineup?
Seems like a lot of players can pla multiple positions, nice problem to have but still a problem figuring out where to slot everyone in at?
Hirsig as a center-mid, attacking or defending?
How is Beres (the trialist from Hungary) doing?
How about the rookies?
Any other players on the immediate horizon? No, but you never know.
With the number of people in camp and the new roster size, tough decisions coming up?
Hartman starting and Kronberg hurt, is Pardo slotted to be the backup?

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