Tuesday, March 3, 2009

18 days to go...

Just for the fun of it, I am going back through images from games and practices last year. As part of the countdown to opening day I am going to post a shot or two each day. Might be related to recent news, might not be.

So first up today is David from Los Angeles, no Milan, uhh…maybe LA, maybe Milan, wherever…

He was here last year and the game was played at Arrowhead. The current story is that he will remain at AC Milan through the end of the Serie A season and then return to LA. His first or second game back would be at Kansas City on July 25th (if he’s not too tired).

That is one of my most viewed/popular images.

But that is not really my favorite from that game. This one is:

It is not the best shot in the world but I caught Souter shaking hands with Beckham, his hero. It was Kevin’s first game; he got on the field with his hero, promptly stole the ball from him and got to meet him after the game. Great thrill for Kevin.

This game meant a lot for the Wizards as well, it was the turning point in the season. With that win, the Wizards finished 5-1-1 to move up into the playoffs.
I think Robb approved...

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