Friday, March 20, 2009

The Cauldron

In preparation for this year, I wanted to post a few shots of the Kansas City Wizards Supporters groups from last year...

From the LA game...
I don't see a lot of Beckham jerseys in this crowd...

Getting ready before the game...
At the San Jose game, the Cauldron did a Tifo for Kerry Zavagnin, one of the favorite Wizards of all time.
Kerry came over to show his appreciation. Is that a Group Hug or what?
Cauldron President Robert presented Nick Garcia with this "little" memento of his playing days in KC...

If you were wondering around the parking lot looking for the infamous tailgate, look for this flag, a bunch of great food and you will have found the best tailgate in MLS.

The Cauldron (where the groups typically sit) now consists of many supporters groups. These are some of them:
  • Hillcrest Syndicate - the new version of the group known as the Cauldron
  • Southern Voodoo - Southern Missouri based supporters
  • Sudakas
  • American Outlaws-KC - local branch of the National Team supporters
  • Blue Brigade
  • Des Moines, Ltd. - very new
There are least a couple more that are forming that I do not know the name of yet. I will post links on the side to any of the supporters groups that have sites.
In case you thought the supporters were only forming groups, you would be wrong. They are busily working on new and better Tifo for opening day and the rest of the season.

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