Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kansas City Wizards Practice 03-05-2009

Stopped by practice Thursday afternoon and there was no Hirsig, he is still waiting on his visa. After warm-ups, they played a few variations of 7v7 possession drills. The three 7 man teams then scrimmaged with full size goals. Hartman and Pardo played keeper for all of the teams. With Kronberg recovering and Chris Brown no longer trialing with the team, Hartman and Pardo are the only healthy keepers in camp. Beres, the other trialist that went to Mexico with the Wizards is also no longer with the team.


The scrimmages were very entertaining. I can not say many players stood out individually with their play, but there was numerous great plays made. Davy had a goal that was the equal of his goal in the LA game last year. It was a rocket from 25 (or so) yards out that was unstoppable and had the whole team yelling. Cristman scored a nice goal from close range, Hartman and Pardo made some great saves, Watson ran onto a pass and slid one inside the post. There were more great plays but what I am trying to say was that it was pretty well spread around.

Boris Pardo dives for a save...

Pizzaro with a nice header...

One player did standout, at least for a little while. When they scrimmage like that, two teams are playing and the third team is around the edge of the field and is used by both teams for passing. A player could end up passing to both teams going two different ways in the span of a couple seconds. Gomez had two excellent passes to setup two scoring opportunities, one for each scrimmaging team back to back.

Gomez scrimmaging...

I got to talk to Peter for just a couple minutes before he got pulled away by a phone call, real shocker there. I will try to catch him again soon to get another update on players. He did talk about a player he is working on acquiring but would not elaborate much.

Speaking of Peter, catch the second part of his interview with Ives.

Check out this gallery for the rest of the photos from practice.

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  1. Great report. I really like the way the team is shaping up. The depth seems to be very good. They will need to use it with league play, the Open Cup, and Superliga this year.