Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mayor’s Night Kicks/Hoops

Mayor Funkhouser held a press conference/pep rally yesterday to generate support for the Mayor’s Night Kicks and Night Hoops programs. He is asking for the $125,000 of city funds to be put back in the budget for this year. The Night Kicks program is supported by the Kansas City Wizards and they were able to get State Farm to chip in as well. The Wizards host the games at their practice facility in Swope Park, back the program financially and lend other support as well. Last year, the program even got some TV time on Metro Sports.

Kids that were possible gang rivals ended up playing together on the same teams and working out their differences in a peaceful manner. The program has brought some of the most diverse neighborhoods together in the one language they all understand, soccer. Hundreds of kids and thousands of family members were playing or watching soccer, staying out of trouble and doing something positive.

Please ask the city council to support these programs.

Wizards VP Greg Cotton and Mayor Funkhouser listening to Parks Commisioner Aggie Stackhaus explain her support.

Trophy and medals for the Night Kicks program...

The Mayor, supporters of Night Kicks and kids that were in the program pose together...

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