Friday, March 20, 2009

Random shots 03/20/2009

A few days ago at Wizards practice I met Mike Oldham. He is a sports journalist from Edinburgh. He is traveling the US and stopping in all of the MLS teams. Mike has plans to write a book about his travels and maybe even come back to do a documentary. In the meantime you can check out his blog at Inside Soccer USA. He has a blog entry on each location of the trip so far. In the Kansas City entry he talks about visiting Oklahoma Joes BBQ. Mike was of course interested to talk with Kevin Souter (both being from Scotland). Sam, well known to all (at least many Wizards fans) even makes an appearance. When we were talking with him about where he had been, he mentioned that Seattle had looked the best that he had seen so far. Hmmm….

Check out Inside the Wizards Locker Room, Wizards PR guru Dave Borchardt interviews Heculez Gomez. Pretty light fun interview.

Mike of has his season preview up. Good reading.

Richard Jata, my favorite Fire player (the only one I could root for since Diego retired) was cut from the Chicago Fire. Hopefully he is picked up somewhere else soon. You can see him in the MLS video: Rookie Life - episode one

MLS-Daily interview with Herculez Gomez, he is popular lately.

The Kanss City Star article about Kevin Hartman closing in on the all time save record. Nice photo by the Star Photographer of Kevin on the goal. Much better than the one they were setting up when I left…

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