Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wizards and "New Media"

Kudos to the Wizards in general and our friends at Hillcrest Road blog specifically. Yes it is the official blog of the Wizards and it their job to do a good blog, but I still have to say well done. Not only to Kyle but to everyone else at the Wizards who are embracing the new media. Be it the new Firefox boom for Wizards fans, sending updates through twitter or using the social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, they are definitely utilizing the full spectrum of New Media at their disposal. Even club President Robb Heineman goes on forums to give fans a heads up on player acquisitions, stadium news or get their opinions. He may regret that some days but he keeps coming back. Of course I also appreciate the fact that they recognize blogs as media and treat us with the same respect and access as other media outlets.

Even with the season tickets this year, they include a CD as the media guide instead of a bunch a bound paper. Yeah, it might be cheaper to do the CD (not sure), but it is also a smart move. Virtually everyone that can afford a ticket to a soccer game has a PC at home or one at school they can use. Most people now are more likely to search for some bit of information on their computer than flip through a thick paper book. Good stuff. Timewise, they cut it a little close mailing them out, but still a good job overall.
My season tickets...

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  1. Thanks Thad...we're always trying to stay on the edge and improve the ways we service you fans and bloggers.