Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wizards Media day 03-17-2009

Went to practice/Media Day at the Wizards on Tuesday, great weather and very entertaining. You can see my practice report below. This is the first season opening media day that I have attended and it was interesting. I got there early to watch practice so I was there before most (but not all) of the media. These “mainstream media” outlets showed up right at the end of practice and quickly setup to get the background shots.

While waiting for the press conference to start, everyone got their credentials and media guides. The media guides were pretty slim looking at first glance. The reality is that the booklet was slim because all of the real data was on the disc inside the book. It contained several hundred pages in PDF with all the history and stats, photos, quotes and such. Well done guys.

Coach Onalfo and Technical Director Peter Vermes held the press conference to talk about the team. Pretty standard question and answer session (especially if you have listened to the interviews on this blog). Both of them are very passionate about their team and can sometimes get fairly animated…

After the press conference, the team went out to the turf field and members of the press got to go out for interviews, conversations, skill exhibitions and an opportunity to do some of the drills themselves. There was a pretty darn good soccer tennis match with Souter and Coach’s son on one team and two members of the press that actually may have played before.

The team broke into their groups, here is the defenders...


For some reason the Goalies were in orange. Not everyone in orange was a member of the team...

Scott, the official team photographer was taking PKs.

After the media wore themselves out walking from one end of the field to the other, they retired to the pavilion to help themselves to Zepi's pizza and a keg of Drop Kick Ale. From what I could tell, everyone enjoyed both.

Rest of the photos

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