Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam Cristman interview -- 04/29/2009

Part 1
Some of the questions we asked him:

How is the foot doing? Ahead/behind of schedule? Your impression of the Wizards team now that you have been here awhile. We talked BBQ for a minute. Mike asks Adam about keeping in touch with his New England team mates. I asked his perspective on the little disagreement between the Wizards and the Revolution last year.

Adam playing catch after practice...

Part 2
Adam talks about his hobbies, music, outdoor sports and joking around

Adam's funny hat on a cold day...


  1. Is the 30 second preview a new Imeem thing? I liked being able to play the full clip from here rather than visiting their site, but I figured it out.

  2. Not sure why it did that for you. Nothing changed that I know of this time. When I tried, it let me play the whole interview without going to imeem.

    By the way, if anyone knows of a better host for the interviews like that please leave a oomment.