Friday, April 17, 2009

Herculez Gomez interview - 04/15/2009

Herculez Gomez was the top vote getter in the fan voting this week.

We asked Herculez:
How was that Seattle game?
Did you have Keller beat?
In the second half Seattle came out strong?
When you get complacent in a game, how do you shake it off?
Do you realize you are getting complacent as a team during the game?
Was the crowd intimidating at all? (Interesting comment on Seattle vs Toronto fans here)
Any insight on the upcoming Chicago game?
Who is you key matchup?
It seems that you have been playing with more confidence this year.
Anything you want to say?

Herculez shooting over and around the wall in practice...

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  1. Thanks as always for the interview. I like the follow up questions about how to go about picking up their intensity in the middle of the game.