Thursday, April 23, 2009

Josh Wolff Interview - 04/22/09 part 1

Josh was in a good mood after practice. Two goals and player of the week seems to suits him well...

We were able to talk to him for quite awhile and this is some of what we talked about in part 1:

Can you talk about what sparked the change in the second half in Chicago?
Last 2 weeks, managed to take 4 points on the road while not playing well, is that a double edged sword? Good and bad?
Anything the coach or team leaders do to make sure the team does not come out flat in the next game?
The changes throughout the game make the difference?
You and Claudio are similar players, can you compare yourself with Claudio?
Would it be good to have Abe or Adam out there for size?
A little daunting to other teams to have players with speed and skill (Claudio, Josh, Davy) running at them?
Who was your best partner ever?

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  1. From listening to him speak, I wonder if Josh would make a good coach one day? Next time you speak with him, ask him if it's in his plans at all after his career is over.