Friday, April 3, 2009

Kevin Hartman interview 04/01/09 part 1

As most people know by now, Kevin Hartman set the MLS career saves record in last Saturday’s game. Kevin passed former Wizards keeper Tony Meola. Hartman holds the records among MLS goalkeepers for career wins (138), shutouts (77), saves (1139), games played (305) and minutes played (27,315). Pretty impressive huh?

An AP photographer was at practice on Wednesday since Hartman was the big news for the week. He was taking shots from every angle...

Kevin had his own personal paparazzi...

After scrimmaging with the full team, he and Boris Pardo practiced for a good 30 minutes or more after the rest of the team hit the showers. Even after all the scrimmaging, set piece practice, goal kicks and photos, Kevin took time to answer a bunch of questions in thoughtful detail.

I broke it into three posts for convenience. In this first part, I asked Kevin these questions:
Tell us about setting the record?
Any other records that you are shooting for?
Other players you look up to as a goalie?

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