Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lance Watson interview - 04/29/2009

Lance Watson was the top vote getter in the combined poll. Cristman and Espinoza were tied. I was able to get Cristman during practice and his interview will be posted in a little bit.

Lance at practice Wednesday...

Mike and I caught Lance after practice Wednesday. Here is some of what we talk about:

How does it feel to be in the starting lineup, are you making a big impact, best trait out there?
When you do lose a ball, you are the first one trying to win that ball back, is tenacity a strong point as well. He talked a bit about the Toronto game and I asked him to compare the fans between Seattle and Toronto. Mike asked about the ten day break and how it affects him? We got a few thoughts on the upcoming DC game. We also talked a bit about the last home game and if he thought the crowd was able to get into Conway's head?

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