Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Jimmy says...

Little Jimmy would like to point something out. Over the last two games, the Wizards have played two teams that were at the top of their divisions, on the road, and walked away with 4 points. They have managed to hold off two hot and confident teams, stunned two home crowds and have not even played their best game yet. After several injuries at the beginning of the season the Wizards are getting healthy.

The Wizards are forever in Seattle's record books for being first in every good opponents category. First team to score on them, the first team to hold them scoreless in the first half, first to hold them scoreless for the game, first team to beat them, first team to beat them at their house. The first team to bring their fans down to a little reality also. Probably a few more that I forgot as well. I expect to see a sign at every Seattle game in Kansas City for a while that proclaims "We were the first!!!".

With the Fire, the Wizards have never played well in Chicago but that doesn't matter. The Wizards are starting to get points when they travel to the Windy city.

The Wizards are third in the East and are even tied for second in goals scored with eight (Chicago 10 and Chivas 8).

I know Jimmy is married but since Little Jimmy has been so informative, I have just the girl for him. She hangs out at CAB near the Cauldron and looks like she might be a lot of fun Little Jimmy. I think she has a sister as well...

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