Monday, April 20, 2009

Wizards 2 - 2 Fire

Jimmy Conrad and Kevin Hartman collide, Kevin scrambles back into position while Jimmy does his best to block McBride's shot. Unfortunately it angled past Hartman.

McBride shows why he is one of the best with his head when he receives the ball from Blanco and puts it past Hartman. Kevin had little chance on that ball. Up for goal of the week.

Hartman makes amazing diving save on Thorrington's shot to keep the Wizards from going deeper into the hole.

Lopez sends long cross in that Wolff one times into the net. Goal of the week candidate.

This time Harrington send the ball to Wolff who heads it in the goal from close range.

Hartman makes one more amazing save to preserve the tie and steal a point from Chicago.

Go vote for Josh for goal of the week!!

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