Monday, May 25, 2009

2009 interview poll - Week 9

First of all, thanks to Mike over at Down the Byline for getting the interview and posting last week. I was out of town visiting the fabulous Mouse mecca in Florida. It rained the whole time, more sun and warmth in Kansas City than there was in Orlando. Still had a great time, the parks were almost empty at times. Much thanks to Kathie for getting it arranged so well.

Back to business, who should we interview this week?
Roger Espinoza - getting some starts for the Wizards and is being called up for Honduras
Aaron Hohlbein - Should we check in with Aaron to see how the center defender is doing
Michael Kraus - Consistent late sub and making the eighteen
Kurt Morsink - Regular on the bench, will he be on the field since the Wizards will be a little shorthanded

Remember you can vote here and over at Down the Byline and both votes will count.

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