Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coach Onalfo thanks fans

Coach Onalfo was fined $500 for comments made after the Toronto game. Coach had just been through an emotional few days. His car was broken into, his laptop with game plans and his passport were stolen. Later that day on the way to the game with his family, they all narrowly escaped serious injury or worse when a truck jackknifed in front of them. Though some miraculous and probably lucky driving, Coach and his family were shaken up but uninjured. The car was totaled but that is really not very important in the grand scheme of things.

Add in a couple of emotional games and Coach lost his temper and said some things that he later regretted saying to the referee. Coach apologized and admitted he was wrong but MLS fined him $500. The fine was justified and fair but just another minor blow after a few bad days.

Some fans took it upon themselves to raise the $500 to pay the fine for Coach
. There was a raffle/donation at the last watch party at Coaches Bar and Grill. There will be more attempts at future watch parties/tailgates until the money is raised. Heck I even chipped in a few bucks for the raffle. I did not win either the Chris Klein or the Wes Wade bobble head.

After the press conference Thursday I asked Coach if had heard about the effort. He immediately talked about how he wished I had asked about it during the press conference so he could let the fans know how touched he is. He was very obviously emotional about it. I asked him if he would go on the official record so I turned on my recorder and asked him again if he had heard about the fans effort. Here is what he said...

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