Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kansas City Wizards Superliga Schedule

The Wizards Superliga schedule:

June 21 in St. Louis (SLU) - Atlas
June 24 in New England
June 28 at CAB - Santos Laguna

The dates are mandated by the league and are non-negotiable is what I was told. Community America is unavailable the weekend of the 21st, no other venue in Kansas City was available that would meet the tournament requirements so they will play is St Louis. No Football lines and no high schools because of sponsorship (beer ?). There may be other stadium requirements that I do not know about yet as well.

I really do not like that one of our 2 games against a non-MLS opponent is not at home but I am not sure what they could do differently.

Playing at SLU will be nice for new father Jack Jewsbury since that is where he went to school. At least he will have some homegrown fans.

Full Superliga Schedule

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