Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roger Espinoza interview 5-27-2009

Roger was the second highest vote getter in the interview poll this week. He had been playing a half consistently lately for the Wizards and has been named to the Honduran National Team for their upcoming qualifiers.

We asked Roger:
To tell us about the training he has done with the Honduran National team
Does he think he will get some playing time this in this round
How he thinks Honduras will do in qualifying
Who on the US team will be the biggest problem for Honduras
With the Wizards he has been getting more playing time, how does he feel his career is going here
Does Coach help develop him towards being an International player
How did the team react in the last game with the two red cards
Last year getting his two red cards, did that give him a bad reputation?

Roger in the game against Chivas

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  1. Espinoza's a good interview. I think it's the first time I've heard him speak. Maybe we could hear some more from him when he gets back from international duty.