Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kevin Souter interview 06/03/2009

Kevin was the top vote getter both here and over at Down the Byline. Stopped by practice Wednesday to talk to Kevin for a few minutes. While Kevin is very easy to talk to and always willing to do interviews he can also be the hardest player to get.

Kevin stays on the field after the rest of the team has been interviewed and are inside. Often some of the other players will stay out and practice on their own but Souter is routinely the last one. On Wednesday, he team warmed up, did drills and then scrimmaged between the probable starters and the reserves. After the scrimmage the filed players went in and the goalies were all put through some extra drills by Coach Pascarella. Throughout that whole time Souter was on the other end of the field practicing through balls, gather up the balls and dong it again.

When he was finally finished with his own practice we were able to get the following interview.

Part 1
I asked Kevin how it felt to get back into the starting lineup. Kevin talks about how the injury this year set him back and how long the recovery has taken. We talk about how Kevin seems to be tied to LA to get his season going. Kevin talks about his fitness.

Part 2
We ask Kevin about his picks for the MLS All Star team and their prospects against Everton. We find out which league and which team Kevin follows the most and why. Kevin breaks down the Champions League Final.

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