Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Media game 06/06/2009 Blue 2 - 1 White

The Blue team - Captain Lance Watson

The White team - Captain Jimmy Conrad

Notice the white team had all the Women? We know where Jimmy's priorities are. What's up with all the hats? I guess some of the women thought it would keep their hair nice but how about Fogel? The fans knew it was covering a bald spot...

The blue team had a few more people that had played before but the white team did have the edge in fitness. It made for a fairly even game in the end.

Raul Villegas and Victor Hernandez scored for the Blue team (thank goodness for the Spanish speaking media). Nate Bukaty scored for the white team and crashed the Cauldron earning some respect from the fans. Outstanding play by Bob Rusert for the white team as well.

Overall it was fun to be part of the media game. It was cool to hear the Cauldron from the field. Man I am old, slow and out of shape but I did not completely embarrass myself (I think). I had a slide tackle and a blocked shot.

The biggest downer for me in the game was the idiot who thinks he needs to pick the ball up in a soccer game. He did it last year, he did it this year. Not that I expect a media game to be very serious, but if you don't want to at least pretend to play soccer then don't show up. Turns out it is the same jackass who wanted to cover his bald spot...

Blue team, tired but victorious...

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