Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coach Onalfo press conference - Open Cup game with Seattle comments

Coach Onalfo normally discusses the previous and upcoming games at his weekly press conference. This week the loss at Seattle on a controversial late PK call obviously still angered him.

I cut out just the Seattle game comments for people to hear.

At one point he refers to Montero as a punk. He later says the player can not be blamed but I think his first instinct is correct.

I have some interview with Wizards players who were there and I will post those later tonight.


  1. Class act, Coach.

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  3. Have you even taken a look at the photos from the match? It's pretty clear it wasn't a blatant dive. Sure, he may have intended to create the contact, but Montero's foot was locked up underneath Hartman's armpit. Blame it on Hartman for coming off his line to try for a ball he couldn't reach.

    Onalfo really needs to keep his mouth shut. I hope the MLS tosses him a nice fine and Kansas City tosses him out.

  4. Calling him like he sees them. Montero even looks a little like Greg Louganis with the slicked back hair.

    Classy is the reported 3 dives in the final 5 minutes from Montero.

  5. "I hope the MLS tosses him a nice fine and Kansas City tosses him out."

    It wasnt a MLS game brain trust, maybe UEFA will fine him while we are bringing up impossibilities, rumor is the UN is going to throw the Wizards out as well for this. And in order to be locked under something you need to be touching said something.

  6. I don't think it was a penalty. That being said I cannot stand listening to Onalfo say that the game plan was well executed.

    Really? So 1 shot on goal in 90 minutes was the game plan. Let's play better and produce SOME offense and things like this influence less.

  7. Good luck making a success out of the remainder of the season with that "woe is me" long as that JOKE of a coach is employed, KC will be nothing but basement dwellers

  8. i just want to put it out there that cops had to go out on the feild in order to hold the harrypotter coach back... are'nt coaches supposed to set a good example for their team?