Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wizards and the Open Cup

How seriously will the Wizards take the Open Cup from here on out? With Seattle beating Portland, the Wizards will travel to the Northwest to play the Sounders on July 7th. Since Kansas City plays Houston in a league game at home on the 4th, will they take the first team to Seattle? If they do, will they play the first team?

If they do not take and play the first team, how does that reflect upon the teams desire to win the Open Cup? Vote in the poll on the side and let the team know what the fans think. I will run it right up till mid-day Tuesday, the day they play Seattle.

How serious should the Wizards be about winning the Open Cup?

  • Go all out to win even if it means not going all out in 1 or 2 league games
  • Semi-Serious, win the hardware if they can but league is more important
  • Who care about the Open Cup? Send the reserves...

Mike over at Down the Byline will be running the same poll so you can vote in both places.

1 comment:

  1. My guess is that coach tries to make do with 6 or 7 starters, and the combination of the crowd/turf/travel will send us packing in short time. We could beat this team, I just don't think we will.