Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wizards - Chicago Fire pre-game

I will be heading out soon to go see the Wizards take on the Chicago Fire. The Fire are short handed (that does not seem to help the Wizards lately) but Kansas City is a team in transition. They have been learning how Coach Vermes want them to play. I think the Wizards will respond well to the Coach's more intense, play as a team attitude. It could lead to some broken plays as the team will be trying to keep everyone on the same page but overall should lead to a more consistent approach over time.

If you have not already, check out the practice report posted on Hillcrest Friday. About 45 seconds in is a good example how Coach Vermes is handling practice. Coach is letting the team know not to waste time with refs and explains to them what will happen if they get beat because they are jabbering with the ref or an opponent. He is clearly letting the team know what he expects. He wants them to play the way he did, smart, hard and no-nonsense. In some of the scrimmages he has been in the middle of the field coaching like it was U-6 team.

The players may make some mistakes because they are learning what he wants but they will not be able to say they did not know what is expected.

I will not give an expected lineup (I usually do not). I will predict a player or two will be in slightly different positions and I am guessing that Zoltan might be on the bench. See me at the tailgate and I will give my official prediction.

Just thought I would throw a couple shots up from one of the games last year.
Blanco's foot meets ball and Kevin's face...

The two captains discuss the above play.

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