Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Club America practice in Kansas City 09/15/2009

In preparation for the El Classico match tonight with Chivas, Club America practiced at the Kansas City Wizards training facility yesterday. The keepers put on a high flying and diving show.

Mexican National team goalie and Club America star Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa diving across the goal to make a save...

Ochoa in full superman pose to block a shot...

It looked like number 2 keeper Navarrete was recovering from injury and only practiced for awhile. Number 22 was flying across goal as well. I am not sure of this goalies name so if someone can leave me his name in the comments I will add it later.

Lots of fans came out for a morning practice session. I estimated around 300 or so fans.

Numerous players and coaches came over to say hello to former Club America star Claudio Lopez.

More photos in this gallery. I will add more into there later today.

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  1. Leonin Pineda is the 3rd goalie's name.

    Please post more pictures if you have any more!