Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wizards new stadium plan - part 2

I found out a couple more things about the new stadium plan. Please remember these are things I found out in conversation so I do not have documentation for most of these updates. Of course, plans may change so any facts now may be different when it comes to the final product.

The plan is for the roof to be clear and "glow" at night. I do not know what material it is.

There is parking underneath the plaza area. I think it will be for ticket holders of a certain level of ticket. I heard 500 spots is the estimate.

The building on the west side (I think) is a small (90 roooms) hotel with state of the art meeting facilities. Think it might be a great place for visiting Cerner employees to stay.

There is a youth soccer complex not too far away (to the west I believe). There will be 24 fields compared to the 12 that would have been at Three Trails. Looked like there may have been baseball/softball fields as well.

The Cerner jobs that will be created there are new jobs. Not the ones promised to the Kansas City location. Those will still be created.

Saw some more cool and interesting things today but they will have to wait for another post...

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  1. Can you figure out if the roof will keep rain off of patrons in all seats?