Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wizards new stadium plan

Well it seems the Three Trail Project is either dead or very close. Kansas City Kansas is quickly moving to make the Wizards Stadium a reality out at the Legends at Village West. An open space in between Nebraska Furniture Mart and the Kansas Speedway is being targeted to build the Wizards new home. It is very close to Community America Ballpark where the Wizards have been playing since last season.

Here is the rendering of the new stadium plan.

I am hearing that there will be a "Cauldron Club" area where members will be able to get food and drink and there will also still be a Pub. The Pub is where you will be able to catch any soccer game on TV.

Update: I am not sure of the details so I wanted to clarify. There will be somewhere that all the games on will be on TV. Exactly how that is laid out is uncertain (at least to me). I did not get chance to ask questions when I heard these details and do not want to mislead anyone.


  1. Bannister is still a much more ideal option.

  2. this would be the second best stadium in mls next to rba.... come on kcw get it done!!!!

  3. has the capacity changed?

  4. The renderiing shows the stadium taking up the etire site. Where will stadium visitors be parking? The speedway or NFM? I just don't see how they are going to incorporate adequate parking for this thing.