Thursday, October 8, 2009

All a Twitter...

Okay, so I followed everyone's lead and started using Twitter. HillcrestRoad does it, Downthebyline does it, even Robb Heineman has started. Robb's "zolie goalie!!!" tweet after Zoltán's goal was an instant classic...

I will Tweet blog updates but I will also Tweet stuff that I would not take time to write a post about. Observations from practice, player comments, that sort of thing. I doubt that I will be as funny as Robb but you can follow me at TheBackpost.

Speaking of Twitter and humor, check out Drew Carey's bid to buy the Twitter name @drew. The current owner of that name put it up for auction to raise money for LIVESTRONG. Well Drew Carey initially bid 25K for it (which was well above any other bids) but later said he would up that bid to $100,000 if he got a 100,000 followers at DrewFromTV by Nov 9th. He has pretty rapidly jumped up from a few thousand to over 67,000 now. I started following in the 41,000s.

Well, the whole thing has taken on a life of it's own and Drew now says he will go up to a million bucks for a million followers by the end of the year. He will even pro-rate it to the number of followers. If you are a Twitter user, start following Drew. If you are nota twitter user, start. It will help a good cause and he is funny so it is a double win.

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