Saturday, October 10, 2009

Game day reading - 10/10/09

Go read Gooch's Wizards stadium plan: What's the big idea?

I can back up a lot of what Gooch has to say. I have not talked to Robb (always too busy for me) but everyone else I have talked to has been racking their brains to come up with the best stadium and best experience they can. Will we like every idea, probably not. But I am sure giving them credit for trying. If half of the ideas I have heard make it in to the finished stadium, we will like it.

Next go take Nick Sloan's poll:

Do you feel the new Wizards/Cerner Development at Village West will be good for Wyandotte County?

As mentioned before, Drew Carey is planning on donating a ton of money to the Livestrong Foundation, you can read the back story at Drew's blog.

Read In Memory of Mooch and see the photo of the Wizards previous coach as well.

KC Confidential talking about being at last weeks Chiefs game/debacle: Quiz yourself, “Am I at a Wizards soccer game?” This question occurred to me at last Sunday’s futile contest against the New York Giants, when I couldn’t help but notice a group of percussion enthusiasts repeatedly banging away from their end-zone seats. Just stop it. I’m not paying $78 a ticket to be annoyed by anything beyond what’s happening on the field.

My response:
1. Easy to tell you are not at a Wizards game, the Wizards win once in a while

2. $78 a ticket? wow...

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