Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Season end interview: Kevin Hartman

Kevin receiving the mounted jersey and gloves to commemorate setting the All Time Saves record early in the year.

As soon as Kevin spoke in the interview I could tell he was a speaking with emotion. It was obvious that the season being over and missing the playoffs pained him. He speaks candidly about the team and himself. He doesn't call any one player out but he does talk about what the team needs. There were not many actual questions asked in this time frame because Kevin answered at length, breadth and depth well beyond each question.

Part 1
Questions asked:
Thoughts on the season?
Is it an issue finding a mindset to grab a win?

Part 2
Questions asked:
How do you improve that decision making and communication?
Can that mindset change within the same group of players or does it require a change?
How did you come through playing every minute and are you prepared to do it again?
You spend a lot of extra time after practice, do more of your team mates need to do that?

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  1. excellent goalkeeper. One of the best i've seen in the United States so far, although not a lot of playing time with the US soccer team. The best MLS goalkeeper i've seen game by game making good saves, good positioning he has i wish i can get one of his jerseys.