Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Season end interview: Peter Vermes

We talked with Interim Head Coach/Technical Director Peter Vermes at the season ending interview session. I cut it down as much as I could while still leaving all the pertinent information in the two segments. The questions that were asked in each segment are provided so you know which one you may want to listen to if you are short on time. I would suggest listening to both because it is good insight to what and how Peter thinks.

Part 1
Questions asked:
Did you see the improvement you were seeking when you took over?
Did you provide the players you needed as coach?
Did u bring in any players you would not have accepted if you were the coach?
Has this coaching experience made you a better Tech Director?

Part 2
Questions asked:
Do you feel it will be easier to evaluate players now that you have been coach?
Making a mistake on players hurts more than it would on a bigger club?
How far along is his(Zoltan) progress
The search for players continues, you have players in camp even today?
Who did you have in camp today?
If someone impresses you, does the process begin or do you bring them back in January?
Who do you like in the playoffs?

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