Sunday, December 13, 2009

Peter Vermes Interview - 12/11/09

Part 1: Asked Coach Vermes about players contract situations (Hirsig, Lopez and Kamara), Coach Zambrano and some logic of who was protected in the expansion draft.

Part 2: I ask Coach about scouting and team needs in preparation for the Superdraft, the strategy for drafting, how the lack of a Collective Bargaining Agreement is affecting the planning and are they looking at specific players to acquire and foreign players.

Part 3: Peter talks about the World Cup draw, USL/NASL situation, the prospect of getting the scouting director position filled and will Coach Zambrano joining the staff change day to day activities.


  1. Thanks for putting this up online!

  2. Zambrano should be the Gaffer not PV. PV has no real coaching experience. Sorry but last years lame duck performance after Co was fired did nothing to bring a spark to this team. Just because you played at a tiop level doesn't mean you can coach at the top level as well.

  3. "Anonymous" = Spoon