Friday, April 3, 2009

Kevin Hartman interview 04/01/09 part 1

As most people know by now, Kevin Hartman set the MLS career saves record in last Saturday’s game. Kevin passed former Wizards keeper Tony Meola. Hartman holds the records among MLS goalkeepers for career wins (138), shutouts (77), saves (1139), games played (305) and minutes played (27,315). Pretty impressive huh?

An AP photographer was at practice on Wednesday since Hartman was the big news for the week. He was taking shots from every angle...

Kevin had his own personal paparazzi...

After scrimmaging with the full team, he and Boris Pardo practiced for a good 30 minutes or more after the rest of the team hit the showers. Even after all the scrimmaging, set piece practice, goal kicks and photos, Kevin took time to answer a bunch of questions in thoughtful detail.

I broke it into three posts for convenience. In this first part, I asked Kevin these questions:
Tell us about setting the record?
Any other records that you are shooting for?
Other players you look up to as a goalie?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kevin Hartman interview 04/01/09 part 2

Coach John Pascarella closely watching Wizards goalkeeper Kevin Hartman...

To continue the interview, the questions in part2:
What does the new Goalie coach bring to you?
Would some teams be better off splitting up the positions of Goalkeeper and fitness coaches?
Will you become a goalie coach?

Kevin Hartman interview 04/01/09 part 3

Kevin Hartman at a practice last year...

We were briefly interrupted so the interview is resumed in part 3:
Kevin resumes talking about the other goalies
As goalies get older, they slow down and have to be better positionaly, is that something you have noticed?
Are you as sharp as you were a few years ago?
Anything you want to say to the fans?
Thoughts on the upcoming game?

Michael Kraus interview 04/01/2009

Michael in one of his many interviews...

I was able to talk to Michael yesterday. I asked him to tell us about scoring the goal.
He talked about how much it means to him that his family comes to every game, the good relationship with his family. I asked him about the work getting into the lineup, if he thought he would be back in the 18 this weekend and his best attributes as a player? When he was asked if there was anything else he wanted to say, he wanted to make sure to mention Molly.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Demo - Less Mall 03/31/2009

Stopped by everyone's favorite mall this morning.
The sign has seen better days...

On the west side looking east down into the lower level (Jones store and Penneys)...

On the west side looking east down into the lower level (mall and Penneys)...

On the south side, near Sears and Dillards...
Looking into the Dillards...

In case anyone thought they had not made much progress, this shot was from the end of February.
Some workers setup some chairs and a table next to the Penneys to eat lunch...

The chairs are still there. Penneys is not...

Just based on what I could see, it looks like they have stripped the inside of about 70% of the mall. Jones and Penneys is completely gone. Dillards looks to be mostly stripped inside and should start coming down in a week or two. Sears is mostly intact with some recovery work started on the inside. More images in this gallery.

2009 interview poll - Week 2

For week 2, Mike and I chose these players as potential interviews:

Herculez Gomez - returned to Colorado for the first time
Michael Kraus - First regular season appearance and his first goal
Lance Watson – Started in place of Davy

Please vote over to the right and go to Down the byline and vote there as well. If there are any specific questions you would like asked, leave them in the comments at either location and we will do our best to ask them.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Michael Kraus scores first MLS goal

The Michael Kraus story is a pretty cool story. HillcrestRoad mentions how Michael’s family comes to see him every game. In the 2008 end of season interview with Michael he talks about his family and how they have supported him. I am really happy for Michael. He is a great young man who gives his all every day and steadily improves. Kraus made the most of his opportunity, the Wizards can use more of that. Well done Michael!!!

Here is the goal...

Read the MLSnet article as well.

Kraus during a reserve game last year...

Kevin Hartman - All Time Saves Leader

With this save, Kevin Hartman passed Tony Meola for the All Time Saves Leader in MLS.

Kevin owns all the main goalkeeper records in MLS. It is an obvious testament to his skill and longevity.

This is a shot of Kevin diving on the ball against Chicago last year year...