Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam Cristman interview -- 04/29/2009

Part 1
Some of the questions we asked him:

How is the foot doing? Ahead/behind of schedule? Your impression of the Wizards team now that you have been here awhile. We talked BBQ for a minute. Mike asks Adam about keeping in touch with his New England team mates. I asked his perspective on the little disagreement between the Wizards and the Revolution last year.

Adam playing catch after practice...

Part 2
Adam talks about his hobbies, music, outdoor sports and joking around

Adam's funny hat on a cold day...

Lance Watson interview - 04/29/2009

Lance Watson was the top vote getter in the combined poll. Cristman and Espinoza were tied. I was able to get Cristman during practice and his interview will be posted in a little bit.

Lance at practice Wednesday...

Mike and I caught Lance after practice Wednesday. Here is some of what we talk about:

How does it feel to be in the starting lineup, are you making a big impact, best trait out there?
When you do lose a ball, you are the first one trying to win that ball back, is tenacity a strong point as well. He talked a bit about the Toronto game and I asked him to compare the fans between Seattle and Toronto. Mike asked about the ten day break and how it affects him? We got a few thoughts on the upcoming DC game. We also talked a bit about the last home game and if he thought the crowd was able to get into Conway's head?

Kansas City Wizards Reserves 3 - 0 Missouri State

Just a few shots from the Reserve match with Missouri State. Two goals by Abe Thomspon and a beauty by Kurt Morsink. Check out Mike's writeup or Hillcrest Road for additional details.

Wizards player winning a header...

Wizards guest player Josh White challenging Missouri State...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random shots - 4/29/2009

The reserves beat Missouri State 3 - 0. I will try to have a couple photos up later today.

Nelson Pizzaro is no longer with the team. Not sure if was an outright release or what yet. Will find out later.

Davy Arnaud and Kevin Hartman will be throwing and catching the first pitch at the Royals game tonight.

Got an interview with Watson and (a long) interview with Cristman today. Will have those up later tonight as well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 interview poll - Week 6

Who should we interview this week? Vote over on the right and let us know who to talk to this week.

Lance Watson - becoming a fixture at right back and gaining some fans
Jack Jewsbury - a fan favorite gets a concussion and misses the last game
Roger Espinoza - Honduran national team player gets start in Toronto
Adam Cristman - Big target forward still recovering from surgery

Vote here and over at Down the Byline, both votes count. Leave any questions that you would like to hear asked in the comments and we will do our best to get the answers.