Friday, June 5, 2009

Media game at half time this Saturday

It is time for the annual media game (last year there was two). Jimmy Conrad and Lance Watson are the team captains. The results of the draft held earlier this week:

White Team - Jimmy's team
Dave Fogel-Star 102--Morning Show co-host
Josh Klingler-610 Sports-Morning Show co-host
Nate Bukaty-Sports Radio--Morning Show co-host
Holly Starr-38 the Spot
Shawn Roney-Dos Mundos
Eduardo (Spanish)
Danni Boatwright--Former Sports Radio Host & Survivor Winner
Christy Campo--Star 102--Morning Show co-host
Matt Stewart--Channel 5 anchor and reporter
Ozone--Hot Talk 1510 Afternoon Show co-host
Katie Horner--Channel 5 Meteorologist

Blue Team - Lance Watson's team
Steve Serrano-Mix 93.3 Evening Show host
Bryan Truta-105.1 Jack FM---Morning Show co-host
Raul Villegas--La Gran D 1340 AM--Wizards Spanish Color Commentator
Darren Wilhite--106.5 the Wolf---Morning Show co-host
Todd Leabo--Sports Radio 810---Afternoon Show co-host
Sean videographer
Kevin Kietzman--Sports Radio 810 Afternoon Show host
Victor Hernandez--La Gran D 1340 AM host
Marc Bowman--PA SportsTicker
Nick Sloan---Kansas City Kansan
Curtis Talk 1510 Producer
Jake Gutierrez-Sports Radio 810---Morning Show engineer--Goalkeeper

Much like Jimmy himself, his team will definitely be the prettier team. Holly, Danni, Christy will easily outshine anyone on the other team. The attractiveness meter will be pulled down by the two Bob's (Rusert and Whitman) but the white team will still trounce the Blue team in appearance.

Lance did not choose beauty in his picks, he wants to win. There is a rumor of a bet between Jimmy and Lance that involves unspeakable punishments for the losing Captain and Lance does not want to suffer the wet towel snaps while yelling "thank you my captain, may I have another!!!" in front of all of his team mates. Notice Lance also went for the bloggers? Jimmy has the TV personalities?

I hope that all of the non-soccer media realizes it is not funny to pick up the soccer ball and run with it. I know one blogger has contemplated tackling if that happens. Has there ever been a red card in a media game?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kevin Hartman earns save of the week

Kevin Hartman was voted the save of the week. It was a beautiful save of a beautiful shot by former Wizard Chris Klein. While the save was truly the best save in my opinion for last week, it is just extra sweet that he beat out Keller for the honor. Seattle (and Toronto) fans tend to vote for their guys even when it is really undeserved.

It was Kevin's second nomination (the award has only been around 2 weeks) this year. I think I see a trend forming.

This is a save Kevin made in practice this week...

Kevin Souter interview 06/03/2009

Kevin was the top vote getter both here and over at Down the Byline. Stopped by practice Wednesday to talk to Kevin for a few minutes. While Kevin is very easy to talk to and always willing to do interviews he can also be the hardest player to get.

Kevin stays on the field after the rest of the team has been interviewed and are inside. Often some of the other players will stay out and practice on their own but Souter is routinely the last one. On Wednesday, he team warmed up, did drills and then scrimmaged between the probable starters and the reserves. After the scrimmage the filed players went in and the goalies were all put through some extra drills by Coach Pascarella. Throughout that whole time Souter was on the other end of the field practicing through balls, gather up the balls and dong it again.

When he was finally finished with his own practice we were able to get the following interview.

Part 1
I asked Kevin how it felt to get back into the starting lineup. Kevin talks about how the injury this year set him back and how long the recovery has taken. We talk about how Kevin seems to be tied to LA to get his season going. Kevin talks about his fitness.

Part 2
We ask Kevin about his picks for the MLS All Star team and their prospects against Everton. We find out which league and which team Kevin follows the most and why. Kevin breaks down the Champions League Final.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 interview poll - Week 10

Do not forget to vote!!!

Should we interview Davy for having the lone Wizards goal in the last game? Or should we talk to Souter for getting his first start this year, or maybe Harrington about his start?

Remember you can vote here and at Down the Byline and both votes count.

Kansas City Wizards 11 - 0 Springfield Demize 06/01/2009

Just wanted to share the photos from the Wizards/Demize game on Monday. Check out Mike's writeup ot the twitter feed from Kyle on Hillcrest Road for more details.

One of Abe's 5 goals...

Another shot by Abe...

Another goal!!!

McKenzie heading a corner back across the goal...

Rauwshan was close on a couple occasions. Here he has just short of sliding a ball into the goal...


Almost another goal for Abe...

Kraus fighting through towards goal...

Leathers goal...

Morsink had a beauty from 25 yards...

Matt stopped by to say hello...

It was a little warm out there...

Zusi had a nice game with a 2 goals and an assist or two...

The Demize players never gave up even though it became evident in the first half that there outmatched. I had sympathy for their goalies...

More photos.