Friday, July 3, 2009

Chance Myers Interview - 7/2/09

Chance Myers and Rauwshan McKenzie received the most votes this week. I was able to talk to Chance after practice and before he went for another run.

Rauwshan McKenzie Interview - 7/2/09

Rauwshan McKenzie and Chance Myers received the most votes this week. Rauwshan stopped to talk after practice was over.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wizards and the Open Cup

How seriously will the Wizards take the Open Cup from here on out? With Seattle beating Portland, the Wizards will travel to the Northwest to play the Sounders on July 7th. Since Kansas City plays Houston in a league game at home on the 4th, will they take the first team to Seattle? If they do, will they play the first team?

If they do not take and play the first team, how does that reflect upon the teams desire to win the Open Cup? Vote in the poll on the side and let the team know what the fans think. I will run it right up till mid-day Tuesday, the day they play Seattle.

How serious should the Wizards be about winning the Open Cup?

  • Go all out to win even if it means not going all out in 1 or 2 league games
  • Semi-Serious, win the hardware if they can but league is more important
  • Who care about the Open Cup? Send the reserves...

Mike over at Down the Byline will be running the same poll so you can vote in both places.

Random shots - 7/2/2009

After the United States surprising success in the Confederations Cup, they move up to 12th in FIFA rankings, Spain drops to 2nd and Brazil moves up to number 1. Best of all is Mexico is 33rd, behind Costa Rica at 30.

So DC United beat he Ocean City Barons 2-0, but it sounds like DC struggled with the amateur side. MLS certainly did not show up well the first night, did it? Pair of MLS teams Score US Open Cup upsets...

Richard Jata resurfaces with the Fire. He was the player with the great speech at the MLS Draft.

Really? I so often think of Michael Jackson and US Soccer in the same thought, or not...

Matt Besler's weekly column: Across the Midwest Pitch #4

du Nord interview with Kevin Hartman

Chivas trades Alecko Eskandarian to the Galaxy for allocation money and a draft pick. I'm sure this will go better than it did with his previous 4 teams.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open Cup game tonight

Just a reminder, the Wizards start Open Cup play tonight when they play the Minnesota Thunder. The Wizards are coming off of the loss on Sunday to Santos Laguna so they only have 1 day of rest, and that was spent traveling.

With Davy Arnaud and Jimmy Conrad flying off to join the National Team today and most of the normal starters having played the entire (or a big chunk) of the game on Sunday, you can expect a mostly reserve team lineup. Mike predicts the lineup and I think he is pretty close. I am hoping to see Chance Myers play some minutes. He has looked good in training but players need game minutes to really show their progress.

The Thunder are not very good this year but you can never count them out or dismiss USL teams, they have too much to prove and too much to gain to just roll over for MLS teams.

You can watch the game at this link.

Also tonight DC United plays the Ocean City Barons, an amatuer team from New Jersey. That is one of the great things about the Open Cup and similar tournaments around the world, true amateur teams can play their way in and end up facing the top teams. Most of the Barons are college players that out of school at the moment. Go Barons!!!

Tomorrow Seattle plays their regional rival (and future MLS) team Portland Timbers. Got to root for the Timbers in that match.

2009 interview poll - Week 13

Who should we interview this week?
Rauwshan McKenzie - First minutes of the year against Santo Laguna, probably play more while Conrad is with the national team.

Chance Myers - Coming off injury, looking good in training, possibly will see first minutes of the year in the open cup game.

Josh Wolff - Took over as captain when Jimmy Conrad was off the field

You can vote both here and at Down the Byline and both votes will count. If there are any specific questions you would like to ask please leave comment.

Kansas City Wizards 1 - 3 Santos Laguna

The Wizards fell to Santos Laguna ending Kansas City's first appearance in Superliga.

Santos Laguna fans filled the stadium.

Oswaldo Sanchez making a save...

A couple Santos Laguna fans were in the Cauldron?

Herculez Gomez goes for the bicycle while Jorge Estrada goes to head the ball...

With the result being Estrada is kicked in the head...

I think it hurt...

He looked dazed as he walked it off (or is that how he normally looks)...

Kevin Hartman making a save, he was far too busy...

Sanchez stopping a cross...

Herculez Gomez trapping the ball...

Oswaldo not listening to the "Dirty Sanchez" chants...

Arnaud was tripped outside the box setting up a free kick for Claudio Lopez...

Lopez bent the shot over the wall. This is the only was I like to see Sanchez, watching a goal go in his net...

At least the Cauldron had one goal to celebrate...

But unfortunately Santos had more to celebrate at the end.

More photos...